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It is our firm’s mission to provide our clients with top-notch representation, while adhering to the strict standards of legal ethics . In addition to the loyalty and confidentiality we provide all of our clients, we work hard to get the best results possible while protecting our clients’ best interests.

Larry Lazzara

Lawrence M. Lazzara, Jr., Esq.
Managing Partner

Attorney at Law, Larry Lazzara

Lawrence Lazzara is admitted to practice law in Arizona, New York, New Jersey and the New Jersey Federal District Court. Lawrence earned his law degree from New York Law School, located just six blocks from the World Trade Center. While in law school, Lawrence was honored with three Certificate of Achievement” awards for academic excellence and was named to the Dean’s List four times. Lawrence finished at the top 5% of his class in Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Trial Advocacy.

After graduating from New York Law School, Lawrence continued advancing his legal education by enrolling in Temple Law School’s nationally recognized litigation program – the LL.M. in Trial Advocacy Program. The LL.M. curriculum blended lectures, faculty demonstrations, individual instruction and student performance into a year-long experience designed to develop and hone the skills of the attorney who wished to litigate complex cases. The program emphasized creating the theory of the case, understanding of the advocacy process, and carrying the theory into practice.

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Were you wrongfully injured in Arizona?

Lazzara Law Firm of Phoenix Arizona provides aggressive, professional and compassionate legal representation for clients involved in all types of personal injury cases. Lazzara Law Firm Law Offices pride itself in providing the utmost experienced and professional representation while working very closely with our clients and their families. Attorney Lawrence Lazzara, his associates, staff and private investigators are fully committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for all their clients. Lazzara Law Firm Law Offices goes above and beyond what other firms offer. Call Lazzara Law Firm Law Offices and “Experience the difference!”

Anyone needing legal representation from a Phoenix personal injury lawyer are advised to call the Lazzara Law Firm Law Offices, P.L.L.C. as early after the injury as possible. The legal team at the firm has earned a reputation throughout the area as a high-quality personal injury law firm, right here in Arizona with an unmatched commitment to winning legal compensation for the injured. Please recognize that all serious injury cases require legal counsel to protect your right to compensation to the fullest extent of the law and we therefore press insurance companies to pay out settlements fairly and do not accept low settlement offers in an effort to quickly resolve a case. If necessary, we will take the case to court to get satisfaction.

At Lazzara Law Firm, Mr. Lawrence Lazzara has extensive trial experience and a profound understanding of the legal process with regard to personal injury law. Mr. Lazzara warns that insurance companies typically move forward quickly to reduce the value of compensation paid to injured victims. This can result in victims accepting settlements far lower than they actually should have been compensated. When you work with our personal injury firm and Mr. Lawrence Lazzara’s legal team, you will have “peace of mind” knowing that you have an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney on your side fighting for you.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix

There are a variety of types of cases that require legal representation, particularly those in which a victim was seriously injured and will require extensive medical care. At Lazzara Law Firm, we represent clients that have been injured in all types of accidents or incidents through negligence, breach of duty, or a wrongful act. This includes, but is not limited to, rollover accidents, semi-truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, airplane accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, boating accidents, bus accidents, drunk driving accidents, distracted driver accidents, drowning accidents, jet ski accidents, and train accidents.

Our Phoenix Personal Injury firm of Lazzara Law Firm LLC are also able to legally represent claims related to driving while texting, insurance disputes, as well as in cases involving a uninsured/underinsured motorist. We are even able to help represent families that have lost a loved one through negligence in wrongful death claims. No matter the types of injury that was sustained (no matter if it was a neck injury, back injury, knee injury, shoulder injury), we can be counted on to provide caring and supportive legal guidance.

Car Accidents

At our firm, our largest areas of practice is that of car accidents and motor vehicle accidents. All around Phoenix, including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Mesa, Peoria and Chandler as well as Prescott and Tucson Arizona, it’s sad to say these types of accidents occur on a regular basis. We recognize how difficult it can be to deal with something of this nature – especially if the accident was caused through the negligence of a third party – and at Lazzara Law Firm PLLC your “GO TO” Phoenix Arizona personal injury attorneys are absolutely committed to aggressively representing our clients protect their legal rights in every way possible. By working with an injury and accident lawyer from our firm, car accident victims are able to breathe easier knowing the intricate legal issues pertaining to insurance companies will be handled by an experienced lawyer that truly understands their tactics. Why not learn more about how Lazzara Law Firm can help fight for fair financial compensation?

Consult with a Phoenix accident attorney from our firm today!

Each case is unique, and has its own set of circumstances, evidence, degree of injury and damages. Car accident victims may miss several weeks of work, while others could face a lifetime of challenges after suffering an injury that ends in temporary or even permanent disability. Any and all damages suffered, whether considered minute or devastating, absolutely must be fully addressed in your legal claim to make sure that the victim recovers a settlement to the legal extent of the law. We always carefully evaluate all aspects of each of our cases and will seek the maximum possible compensation.

Remember damages must include medical costs, hospital bills, ambulance bills, future predicted treatment costs, such as needed surgeries, ongoing nursing or rehabilitation, Chiropractic care or other medical care that can add up very quickly. The matter of your lost income from work has to be addressed in our claim on your behalf, and any other economic or non-economic damages in your case. Our firm is highly qualified and experienced to assist in recovering compensation in injury cases, and offers a free case evaluation to help you in determining how to proceed with a claim. You can expect the highest level of commitment and client care in your case.

Call your “GO TO” Phoenix Personal Injury Firm of Lazzara Law Firm for immediate legal representation in all types of injury cases. (480) 456-3080