Do I have a Case

What To Do if You are Injured in an Auto Accident

  • remain calm
  • stop vehicle, then move it to a safe location nearby
  • do not exit vehicle unless safe to do so
  • take photos of the property damage to both vehicles (you can use your cell phone)
  • exchange insurance information with other driver
  • get the names, addresses and phone numbers of all witnesses
  • make sure to collect the collision exchange card from responding police officer
  • call PARKER & LAZZARA, the injury attorneys, immediately at 480-456-3080

  1. We will contact both insurance companies on your behalf
  2. We will handle the liability investigation, including interviewing the witnesses
  3. We will assist you in obtaining the right medical treatment


Most importantly, do NOT speak with the other driver’s insurance company until after you speak to your attorney at Parker & Lazzara – this will save you from saying something that may hurt your case.

Remember, Parker & Lazzara handles it all so all you can focus on your medical treatment and get well. (480) 456-3080