Personal Injury Accident

Unfortunately, the real truth is that car accidents happen to everyone, making us all at risk of sustaining a personal injury from a motor vehicle accident. All drivers are likely victims of at least one personal injury accident during his or her driving career.  Sad but true, you or one of your loved ones will end up needing a personal injury lawyer at some time in their life.

Knowing what to do when you are injured in a car accident is crucial.  The days and weeks following the collision are critical because evidence must be preserved, claims must be opened with the insurance companies, property damage needs to be addressed and handled, rental cars need to be obtained, and the injured need to obtain the proper diagnosis and treatment.   At the same time, someone needs to be keeping track of the medical bills, liens, and emotional damages that are constantly accumulating.  On top of all that, the long term effects and future medical care needs must be ascertained and calculated, so that the injured party can make an accurate settlement claim.

In addition to the medical expenses incurred from a motor vehicle accident, the injured victim is entitled to what are known as general damages.  General damages cannot be fixed with any specific calculation.  These types of damages are the most difficult to prove in a bodily injury case.  General damages in Arizona tend to focus on pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.  ”Pain” typically refers to the physical pain that the client has endured and may endure.  Suffering generally applies to the emotional aspects of the case, the client’s mental suffering, fear, humiliation, anxiety, etc.

“Loss of enjoyment of life” is another form of general damages that compensate the injured person for the limitations placed on his/her ability to enjoy the pleasures and amenities of life, such as activities of daily living.  Loss of enjoyment damages may also include compensation for insomnia, limitations on recreational activities, travel limitations, and loss of social interaction.

All of these conditions need to be properly addressed with the help of an aggressive and diligent personal injury attorney, such as Larry Lazzara with the Law Offices of Lazzara Law Firm. This renowned injury lawyer can immediately start working towards the results the victim of a personal injury accident deserves.

The Law Office of Lazzara Law Firm is one of the Tempe personal injury law firms that offers a wide rage of services to help in all your needs.  If in need for a personal injury lawyer call Lazzara Law Firm at 480- 456-3080.