How Fitness and Diet affect recovery time


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Science has proven that individuals who are physically fit will recover easier and faster from trauma to the body.  Examples of such trauma include auto accidents, falls, and even medical procedures.  When the human body has been trained to better stabilize the spine through regular and normal exercise, it is better prepared for unexpected forces, such as whiplash.

In addition to regular exercise, a healthy diet has been shown to facilitate the expeditious healing of the body.  The combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise could seriously cut down the recovery time for traumatic injuries.  In some cases, the difference in recover time has gone from 6 months down to 6 weeks.  In addition to a faster recovery time, the need for invasive procedures will be cut down as well.  As the body heals through a healthy metabolism and strengthened anatomy, the need to utilize invasive medical procedures, such as epidural injections and surgery, are drastically reduced.

Obviously, no one plans on being in an auto accident; but Arizona, particularly Maricopa County, is the state with the highest rate of intersection collisions in the country.  That means, within the next ten years, there is a good chance that you might become victimized in a car accident. A motor vehicle accident can be devastating to a person’s life.  Not only can an accident affect your family finances and inconvenience your everyday lifestyle and functions, an auto accident can cause life changing injuries.

If you can reduce the effects of injuries, prevent surgery, and speed up your recovery time by staying in good shape and eating healthy, what’s stopping you?