What happens when I contact Lazzara Law Firm about my case?
Your case will be immediately evaluated by the head Personal Injury Attorney in the firm to assess liability insurances and property damages. Upon reviewing the facts we can make the determination whether or not the other driver will be responsible for your injury and damages based on the facts.  The sooner you call us the quicker we can follow up with witnesses and insurances before evidence is lost and witnesses’ memories fade.  Once we accept your case, we will contact insurance companies so that you aren’t bombarded by phone calls & pressure tactics.  We do all the work so that you have to time to heal. They will be resolved with a competent and dependable auto body shop and healthcare providers. We are even willing to work with you nights & weekends because we are sympathetic to family & work demands.

What is my case worth?
There are generally two categories of damages that you can recover if you are injured in an automobile accident:  (1) special damages; and (2) general damages.  Special damages (“Specials”) are typically your out-of-pocket expenses, such as your medical bills, mileage, and prescription medications.  Specials can be measured and calculated, and are typically represented by expenses actually incurred, or those that can be reasonably anticipated in the future, and which can be determined with the requisite degree of certainty required by the Arizona Rules of Evidence.

General damages cannot be fixed with any specific calculation.  These types of damages are the most difficult to prove in a bodily injury case.  General damages in Arizona tend to focus on pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.  ”Pain” typically refers to the physical pain that the client has endured and may endure.  Suffering generally applies to the emotional aspects of the case, the client’s mental suffering, fear, humiliation, anxiety, etc.

“Loss of enjoyment of life” is another form of general damages that compensate the injured person for the limitations placed on his/her ability to enjoy the pleasures and amenities of life, such as activities of daily living.  Loss of enjoyment damages may also include compensation for insomnia, limitations on recreational activities, travel limitations, and loss of social interaction.

It is important that you consult with an attorney if you have been injured in an auto accident.  Remember, the insurance companies are not your friends and they have no obligation to you to explain all of the compensable damages in your case.  To discuss your case with an established and successful injury attorney, call us now at 480-456-3080.

How much time do I have to file a lawsuit in the State of Arizona?
In Arizona, your statute of limitations can range from 180 days to 2 years, depending on the parties involved.  The failure to file a lawsuit, or resolve your claim before the time period expires may bar you from proceeding with your claim. You should consult an attorney immediately after an accident to make sure all your interests are adequately protected. Remember, we offer free initial consultations.

What are your fees?
Our rates compete with the largest Personal Injury firms in the state.  The call to our office and initial consultation are free and we will spend as long as we need to get a thorough information about your case.  We do not collect unless you do.  We are even willing to work with you nights & weekends because we are sympathetic to family & work demands..

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