Choosing Your Team with Dr. Kuty

Remember gym class?  Two lucky people are chosen to select the members of their team. They go back and forth choosing the athletes — those who always win and are team-players. Now imagine you’re the new kid at school, and you’re asked to choose a team?


When you’ve been in an accident, it’s like being the new kid at school. How do you know who knows how to play the game?  Who always wins? And who are the team-players? You need to choose a lawyer and doctors who understand personal injury, who have success against liability companies, and who work cooperatively to get you the best outcomes.


At Kuty Chiropractic, our team knows the best ways to help you with your whiplash and other injuries.  Also, we know the ins and outs of how to document your claim to substantiate that your injuries are the result of the collision, to explain why there may be delays in treatment, and to demonstrate the disruption in your life in work, activities, and enjoyment. We take the time to explain your billing, and can deal directly with your health insurance, liability, and car insurance carriers. We work cooperatively with your primary medical doctor, specialists, imaging centers, and hospitals, and gather all your notes so you don’t have to. We prepare all your health care documents to help your attorney settle your case for full value, and as timely as possible.


To get the most from your team, each member has to communicate. We communicate with you, your other doctors, and your attorney. Your job, once you’ve chosen your team, is to communicate with us about how you feel, your reactions to treatment, and what activities are challenging you.


Choosing the right team helps set you up for success.  Call us today.  We’d be honored to be selected as a member of your winning team!