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Concerning Rollover Accidents in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Personal Injury attorney Larry Lazzara of Lazzara Law Firm warns that rollover accidents are one of the most is most likely to result in serious injuries and fatalities of all types of motor vehicle accidents whether it involves a car, a truck, commercial truck or even a motorcycle. More often than not the driver may think that he or she caused the accident somehow, or blames another driver in is just human nature to want to know who is right and who is wrong in the eyes of the law. Many times the investigating officer usually defaults to the most obvious cause of an accident for the police report. At Lazzara Law Firm we have found that closer investigation can determine that the rollover had a different cause entirely. If a loved one or if you personally have been severely injured or lost a loved one in this type of accident, it is absolutely critical that you talk with an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney right away.

Rollover Accidents in Phoenix are more prevalent than one would think!

It’s a sad fact of life that even with today’s computer and robotic technological advances there are still vehicles are sold with design flaws and  defects than is commonly thought. Commercial vehicles, SUVs, vans, pickups and especially lifted trucks, that are becoming more and more popular, all have a very different center of gravity than the lower slung family car. Larry Lazzara Phoenix personal injury attorney states that because of the higher center of gravity, the centrifugal force exerted on the vehicle while taking a corner or going around a sharp curve can cause the vehicle to tip and roll. Mr. Lazzara, of the Phoenix Arizona personal injury law firm, further states that faulty or defective automotive components can also be the cause of wrongful death or disfigurement accidents. Tires can suddenly blow out or which come apart can cause even a stable car to flip and roll. A thorough aggressive investigation into your vehicle, the opposing motor vehicle, the accident scene and the surrounding conditions of the accident will uncover the truth. At Lazzara Law Firm we are experienced rollover accident lawyers and our firm has the proven skill to succeed in a rollover case, especially when facing wealthy corporations and their attorneys.

You didn’t deserve to be injured or even want to be involved. It is a matter of justice that the parties caused your damages are held accountable. It is your right to be compensated to the fullest extent of the law. Your future and well being is at stake and we are here to aggressively represent you to ensure the liable parties pay the compensation which is rightfully and legally owed. Call Lazzara Law Firm law offices to discuss the circumstances of your accident. Wont you feel more comfortable knowing you will be represented by an experienced with personal injury lawyer right here in Phoenix Arizona.

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