Property Damage

Steps to Resolving Property Damage

Property Damage Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

Property Damage Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

  • Know where the vehicle is located
  • Call or email the adverse insurance company and determine the identity of the claim adjuster and claim number
  • Contact the adjuster and determine whether the adjuster will settle the property damage (accepting full or partial liability for the incident)
  • Find out from the adjuster the policy of the particular carrier to get property damage resolved
  • Make arrangements  to have the vehicle appraised as outlined by the insurance adjuster
  • If the vehicle is repairable, the client has the right to choose where the vehicle will be repaired
  • If the vehicle is totaled, the client is entitled to the fair market value of the vehicle at the time of the incident together with (1) sales taxes on the vehicle; and (2) a prorated refund of the license and registration fees on the vehicle
  • A client may retain the vehicle’s salvage in lieu of obtaining the funds which represent the salvage value as calculated by the insurance carrier.
  • If salvage is not retained, the total vehicle is acquired by the insurance company from the client.  Therefore, the client needs to endorse title to the insurance company
  • Lien Release – the insurance companies will include on the draft the lien holder as to vehicles that have been totaled.  When the lien exceeds the fair market value of the vehicle, there is no easy solution as the client is responsible for the difference between the lien amount and the fair market value of the vehicle.
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