Driving While Texting Accident

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Driving While Texting Accident in PrescottPhoenix Car accident Attorney Larry Lazarra states the Center for Disease Control has a startling record for distracted driving. It is said that it kills over 16 people and injures over 1,300 every day. This is a staggering amount of people who are killed and hurt because someone behind the wheel of their vehicle was not paying attention. One of the leading causes for driver distraction is unfortunately text messaging. Despite having this knowledge, millions of drivers continue texting and driving every day. There are enough distractions on the road without needing to add your own. If someone that you care about has incurred serious injuries or even wrongful death from an accident that involved negligence by a driver who was texting, there is something that you can do about it. A Phoenix personal injury attorney from our firm has experience in seeking compensation for damages in injury cases caused by texting drivers.

Driving is a serious responsibility. When a driver gets into his car and onto the road, they are responsible for their own life, but also taking on the responsibility to behave in a manner that keeps other drivers around them safe. Unfortunately, many drivers do not take this responsibility seriously. Many drivers behave negligently in instances such as texting while driving, resulting in an accident. Texting while driving is an example of a more subtle distraction, but there are many other blatant ways that accidents can come from distractions, such as drunk or otherwise intoxicated drivers.

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At Parker and Lazarra, we treat every one of our clients with the utmost respect and provide them with dedicated legal representation. When you choose a Phoenix personal injury lawyer from our office, you will have the comfort in knowing that we are on your side. No matter the degree of injuries that you or your loved one have sustained, if you were involved in a car accident caused by another party texting while driving, it is in your best interest to contact our Phoenix Auto accident firm right away. We will be able to get right to work on assisting you and your case.

Was a driver texting the reason for your car accident? Was someone you care about injured or killed in an accident involving driving while texting? It is in your best interest to contact a Phoenix, AZ car accident lawyer at Parker and Lazarra, LLC right away to get the dedicated assistance needed.