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  • As a duly licensed Arizona personal injury attorney, I am the best person to interview you and any witnesses, gather investigative documents, photos and statements, and evaluate your case.
  • Attention to detail, combined with a superior knowledge of the law and science associated with auto collisions, make our firm the obvious choice to handle your injury claim.
  • With such knowledge and experience comes responsibility, which is why we strive to help plaintiffs obtain the justice and compensation they deserve for their losses and suffering through advocacy, oral arguments, client counseling, and legal advice.
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Common motor vehicle accident injuries include whiplash or other types of neck pain, back pain, facial lacerations, bruising, and broken bones. Trauma to the brain may also occur in the form of a concussion or swelling, and sometimes, permanent damage or death can result. Internal organs can rupture or sustain serious injury in a car wreck, and frequently require emergency surgery. Additionally, car accidents can cause emotional upset, like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a fear of driving.

Depending on the type and location of impact a car sustains, motor vehicle accident injuries can be temporary and mild, or life-threatening and severe. It also frequently affects what parts of the body may be hurt. For example, head-on collisions will usually result in different types of injuries than driver-side or passenger-side impacts. Likewise, if a side impact does occur, the driver and passengers will probably be affected more severely, or at least differently, if the crash site is on one side of the vehicle versus the other.

It is necessary that you select an attorney that is knowledgeable of all the factors that are involved in an auto collision.  No collision is the same.  In addition to the type of impact a car, driver, and its passengers sustain, several other factors may determine the extent of motor vehicle accident injuries. Seatbelt use, airbag deployment, and even the type of car involved in the wreck can make a big difference. For example, a seatbelt may prevent an individual from being ejected from a car involved in a crash; an air bag may protect the face and head; and some cars are just better constructed for safety than other.

At Lazzara Law Firm, we make sure we consider and research all factors so that we can produce an educated, scientific presentation to the insurance companies. With hard work and top-notch research, we will prove to you why we are the right firm to handle your case.